4 Dimensions and 12 Aspects of Business Agility – A Structured Approach To Help Teams Succeed

Agility is a buzz word that can be interpreted to mean different things to different people. In this session from SCRUM.org webinar the speakers explore some of these questions together:

  1. How might we create alignment and clarity around what agility means to our business?
  2. How might we start quantifying and measuring it?
  3. What approach might guide our enablement?
  4. Where do we get started?
  5. How do we measure, learn and course correct as we go along?

Great conversation about a real world transformation case, rhymes well with some of the common themes of challenges and opportunities that you may come across in any transformation. It touches raw nerve on how some of the Agile ways of working may not work with Stakeholders and how one can use ‘Sprint reviews’ to get engagement, Cultural change and agreement of Value across employees in an organisation.

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