Data Strategy … Is it Transformative ?

Often we have heard of data transformation strategy and data strategy, depending on where an organisation is in its journey, one could adopt a strategy which i know as a ‘Defensive’ or an ‘Offensive’ strategy.

GROW Model for Coaching

Alan Fine and Graham Alexander, along with former racing car champion John Whitmore made significant contributions to the contemporary model,…

Psychological safety and what matters most !

Impression management has taken over the workplace where people have de-prioritised the need to go beyond and make an attempt due to the fear of failure. This Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School is well known for her work on teams. A Nice excerpt Ted Talk worth your 4 minutes !

My Book recommendations..

Measure What matters by John Doerr. Measure What Matters is venture capitalist John Doerr’s guide to implementing the “OKR management system,”…