Lessons from a Transformation !

Talk about Transformation and its all about how you have made the best with lego blocks you already have ! It’s an inside out job where you enable your people and make your people ‘their’ best !

It’s all about how you equip them with what they need to perform their jobs, leverage their life’s talent fullest for their purpose. The DNA of successful transformation have one thing in common, they were all people centric !

Five aspects below are in my view cardinal to any transformation !

Make every employee own their own self-development, invoke their life’s purpose and make work their calling !

Provide tools such as (Lynda, PluralSight..) others that help them to pick up skills that need for upgrading

Bring outside-in with speakers from industry, who can isnpire and share their transformation stories

Show org commitment to learning culture with visibly allocating resource for Learning (Learning hours/Days, Sandbox)

Empower the ’brave’ ones with the vision to evangelise what development others must do or do for their own development and organisations development

DBS’s transformation story provides a lot to learn from , the programs such as DBS Gandalf scholar is now a management case study !

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