Transformation : Initiators & Pace !

While this is a thought provoking 2X2 matrix , let’s look at each of these transformations from the dimensions of (Who) People, (How) Process (When) Time (Why) Purpose in each of them,

Negotiated Transformation

How : Hold awareness workshops, Debates, Negotiations with BU’s

Who : Internal teams

When : Timelines are planned against a risk occurrence

Why : Risk aversion

eg : – An SAP upgrade i.e S/4HANA migration or GDPR Compliance

Slow-Motion Transformation

How : Cultural Changes, Corporate turnarounds

Who : CEO, LT wants to change the direction

When : Timelines are planned

Why : New Direction or Start or Pivot

eg : – Corporate Mergers, Spin offs or acquisitions

Hijacked Transformation

How : Teams forced due to need for survival

Who : Employees themselves collaborate, evolve to find best way forward

When : Ad Hoc, time bound by the crisis they need to tide over

Why : An emergency caused by an external or internal adverse event

eg : – COVID-19 causing companies to embrace remote work

Sprinted Transformation

How : Competition forces or Future proof the organisations

Who : CEO, LT wants to pivot

When : Time boxed

Why : Pivot for survival or future proofing

eg : – Change in Business model or company changing its business operations to meet market needs

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