Time for your ‘own’ BRAND platform ?

With Digital platforms disrupting commerce models, the consumer (Like a fan boy or girl !) is looking and vying for when they would get to experience the richness of directly engaging with their idol and their fraternity. While it may take you may take for some another decade to engage one on one seamlessly, ( no judgment intended, just empathy ;)) , instead it would be good to look for what are the quick wins for direct relationship with consumers and fulfill their needs holistically.

What brand aggregators like Google, Amazon or Lazada fail to do (to offer a customer experience , look at what Nike provides beyond just shoes or Bosch’s DIY challenges for gardening tools !!!) is the golden opportunity what companies can offer, by giving them a consumer experience as they have envisioned in their purchasing journey for their target personas.

Depending on the relationship style your target personas that you would expect, these are the different types of platforms and relationship style as per HBR’s recent article . I found these are a good collection of ideas to inspire your thoughts !

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