I don’t have time for Coaching !

“Many leaders told us that they dont have the time in this high-pressure economy for the slow & tedious work of teaching people and helping them grow “ – Daniel Goleman

Sounds familiar, all busy managers and execs?

i think this is the state no matter what we may wish to believe, may be we too are to be blamed for this state …How often did we commit not to check whatsApp that often and fell into it again in the middle of night or first thing in the morning. In my view, it is the habit that one chooses determines their habit to give/take coaching , same instinct that make us a good parent or even take care of our own health ! Oops that may poke a raw nerve, not that i intend to address any of those issues in this blog :), but just a probe into the why are you averse to ‘Coaching’ in first place !

“The Coaching Habit” Author Michale Bungay Stainer has just what you need. You could do coaching in just 10 mins if you are able to ask the right questions (to be specific the 7 questions), wonder what are they ?

See this video below to know what you can learn with this fantastic book.

How to Shift to a Coaching Culture with Michael Bungay Stanier

Questions #1 -The Kickstart Question

Question #2 – The AWE Question

Question #3 – The Focus Question

Question #4 – The Foundation Question

Question #5 – The Lazy Question

Question #6 – The Strategic Question

Question #7 – The Learning Question


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